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Peter Hochwald

Round Table Ceremonial (EN)

Sword, Chalice, Staff, Banner (EN)

Dress Code (EN)

Theory and Practice of Municipal Offices (EN)

The guarantor (EN)
Welcome to the website of AKADEMIE & GYMNASION of the OEVE, the oldest Habsburg order of knights!

The Academy & Gymnasium are the educational forums of the Ordo Equestris Vini Europae for the teaching of religious formation in the fields of oenology, history, philosophy and in the areas of chivalric duties, procedures and, above all, chivalrous behaviour.
The Gymnasium in particular is primarily for the education of young knights in the assessor's class. However, the Gymnasium is also the educational forum par excellence for the accredited and enthroned, although the enthronement then turn to the task and office training in the Knights' Academy.
On this page you will also find many documents for the preparation of feasts and ceremonies; from the Round Table to the Consulate Festival, from the duties of a guarantor to the duties of a legate or proconsul, as well as a lot of other information that helps to delve deeper into the essence of the OEVE.
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